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Chris Waller, Dyann Tobar, & Caleb Hollingsworth
We are EMS Education Program Coordinators that have found the personal fulfillment that comes with our students' success. We understand that EMS education can be overwhelming, and we pride ourselves on finding the best ways to simplify this mass amount of information.


Chris Waller, BAAS, LP

I'm a family man, Firefighter, Community Health Paramedic, and EMS Program Director. One of my greatest joys as an EMS educator is to help students prepare for certification exams. I have always felt that preparing students for these exams was my part of the river to navigate on our EMS team. I enjoy organizing the information that students receive during training into simple, retrievable boxes that you can access during a stressful exam. Our exam prep has helped many students, and we look forward to helping you achieve your EMS goals. 


Dyann Tobar, BS, LP

I have been in education since I landed my first tutoring gig as a teenager. I am a bit nerdy about learning new things, and I love seeing students have their "aha" moment. Health, EMS, the human mind, and gardening are all topics of fascination for me. A psychology professor once said that they weren't going to teach us how to manipulate others through psychology, but rather by better understanding how our society thinks and feels, we could better serve each other. That has stuck with me throughout my career. My experience has taught me that anyone with discipline, determination, and a bit of lightheartedness can grow and achieve their goals. 


Caleb Hollingsworth, BBA, LP, RN

I am a Christian, family man, Firefighter, Paramedic, RN, and Clinical Coordinator of an EMS program. I have always enjoyed school, and I keep finding reasons to go back. I have taken more tests in my life than any 10 people should. Through this, I have found that there is an art to test taking, and I love when students are able to see the reasoning behind why questions are asked a certain way. I have taught so many students that really seem to have a grasp of this information, but they struggle on exams. If this sounds like you, I think we can help. We have to get you to shed the anxiety and solve the puzzle. That's where we shine.

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